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Sportsbook Live feed tracks over 250 markets across 30+ Sportsbooks, using our AI algorithm to find the most profitable wagers across each sports book at that moment

Live Odds Bot customizes the experience. Simply tailor the bot & begin receiving winning wagers

Beat DFS 

Daily Fantasy holds enormous value as these companies are much slower to react than traditional sportsbooks, so by leveraging our algorithm large edges can be found across the most popular DFS sites

Instantly Find the Best Price

Straight Bet or Parlay, Player Prop or a Total.. Instantly track what every sportsbook would pay you for the exact wager.. "The of Sports Betting. Always find the best price"

EV Software
Real Time feeds to bet into market discrepancies across +30 sportsbooks & 250+ markets
All Access Predictions
Using data & information to find profitable wagers across all major sports

Predictive Power in your Fingertips


Documented wagers of winning standard


Win rate (avg price -110) across major markets


Winning seasons across NCAAFB, NCAABB, MLB, NFL

Satisfied members across the last 6 years

Winning Wagers, Rationalized

All Access brings Predictive wagers with write-ups to rationalize the situational edge in the matchup discussed. Users have access to tools such as

- Detailed breakdowns

- Predictive projections

- Injury news + bots

Projections on every game

From college to pros, we've built & maintain models across sports to predict results & track our overall success vs market. Projections are the backbone of our betting, but at its core handicapping hosts several variables, all of which we hand to the user on a silver platter

Actionable Inside Info

  • Bettor Odds Feeds

    Instant Access to the Bettor Odds data
  • Tailored Bots

    Customizable settings to automate your process
  • Prediction Engine
    Access to Prediction Engine & Community
  • Support
    24/7 support & roadmap to coming builds