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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to betting. Is Bettor Odds for me?
Absolutely! Bettors use their opinions to drive most of their betting. The issue is.. Your opinion < Sportsbook opinions.. Bettor Odds will INSTANTLY help find the best possible bets
How easy is it to bet these picks?
Sports markets move quick, but our Notification system is set to allow a user to tailor their dms to receive picks the second they hit the odds screen! With hyperlinks to take users directly to the wagers, we've made it as easy as possible 
What is offered in All Access?
All Access brings users the EV software across Sportsbooks & DFS as well as Predictive Models across many sports. These Models are more "handicapping" but our teams predictive models across Sides/Totals/Player props have out performed betting market for years
I live in a state without Legal books. Should I use?
Yes! Though legal books open the door for more volume, Bettor Odds has Offshore books & Prop Builder for users without access. There is still value potential when using exclusively offshores
Do you have DFS such as Prizepicks?
We do! Our feeds are setup to beat sportsbooks, dfs markets, find arbitrage, and come Fall 2024 will have Live Betting & Futures betting feeds